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Evoke an ownership mindset.

In your team. In their words. In their actions.

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your organization.

But do they show up as such?

How would your growth skyrocket if they did?

We develop a sales team of Intrepreneurs, people who own their role as if they owned the company itself. People who are self-motivated, proactive, and 10 steps ahead of where you want them to be.

How? We train them in the psychology of communication, rapport and sales so that they can hit the right chord every time they speak with a potential client.

Your company needs a team that knows how to share your culture with every sale.

A team that treats your company as if it were their own.

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Winners don't wing it.

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Our Training Program

Emotions are everything. They color how we see the world and control how we act within it. They build fortunes, turn an idea into reality and they bring people together from all parts of the globe.

We all want to believe that our words have meaning. But our words can't have meaning until we cultivate the right emotions, and the right tone, with which to convey them.

Learn the psychology of emotions and the true impact of them on your communication. You'll never sound the same.

First, we work on what you're "trying to say." Then we work on what you do say.

Winners don't wing it. The most effective communicators combine the right tone with the right words. The greatest sound fresh and innovative every time they speak. Think of the best marketing message you've ever heard. Or the speeches that go down in history. It was electric, it was moving and it hit right to the heart of the message.

Synergy means bringing together your emotions and tone with the right words to help you get the buy-in from your prospects that you deserve.

You have the tone. You have the message. Now it's time for both to influence your strategy. You're ready to use your newfound super-skills to create new clients.

A good soldier with a good message can influence others. But a good soldier without a good strategy is not a good soldier.

Now that you know how to convey your emotions effectively, it's time to take the important step of using those communication skills in action. You'll become a magnet for new clients like you've never experienced.

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Our Promise

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Increased number of new client contracts

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Increased number of active

referrals from COI's

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Increased $ amount per new

client contract

It's time to make your clients feel like they're a part of something bigger when doing business with you.

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Feedback from Participants

What others are saying about our training

I’ve been working with Visceral personally and professionally since 2019 and can emphatically say that I am a better leader, partner, and human because of the work we have done together. Talia has enlightened me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and supported our team to be more effective and impactful within our organization.

- S.M.

Visceral and Talia have been an incredible partner for us as we’ve navigated many twists and turns as an organization Talia has a skill of going “big picture” to see the forest through the trees while also providing specific and actionable recommendations that can be implemented in tangible ways.

- J.S.

Over the time of knowing Talia and working with her, I have taken witness of the prodigious level of mastery she holds for human potential work. I can only say that if you are looking for a powerful change in your life, Talia’s skills are scores above the watermark.

- W.F.

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